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Pros: when you are working for escorts you are supposed to spend a lot of time outdoors waiting for customers. If you care about your health, then choose a clean place of work. Escort industry is great sphere if you are interesting in getting acquainted with new, respectful businessmen and well-to-do people. One more advantage is flexible working hours - can engage in this industry and free from the main occupation time. Your income is not subject to 13% state tax and you have all chances to become a super-wife. Moreover one night shift of an escort lady burns 1230 kcal, which is three times more than two hours of classes shaping.

Cons: It is considered to be not decent occupation. It may become a problem to work in this industry due to society pressure. What is more stressful in escorts industry is that you cannot apply for pensionable service and there is no paid leave.

Car Makes for Elite Models

This is one of the most intriguing questions about escorts that have ever existed. It occurs just naturally and why cannot beautiful girls have such an opportunity as to marry clients who fall in love with them. There is nothing impossible. Generally, of course, escorts try to ignore feelings in the relationships with clients but sometimes it does not work. It is enough to remember Vivian and Edward in "Pretty Woman"

Is It Possible for an Escort to Mary Her Client?

There is something in common between a car and an escort – both of them are worshipped and admired by men. There is nothing else that men love more than women and cars. A good car is a sign of high status for an elite escort of London. It is something that always attracts attention and adds an escort the sense of dignity and respect.

24 Hours of a London Escort

There are a lot of people who would like to know what an average day of an escort girl is like. We have asked one of our models to tell us about her usual working day. She agreed to share her daily secrets with our readers. Continue reading to while away all the mysteries of an escorts’ daily life.

What Behaviour Tells About the Failure of Flirting Attempts

Flirtation is an art which helps any girl find a partner for a long or short-term relationship. Flirting presupposes certain rules of female behavior, they are coded into signals which are sent to a man making him understand her interest in him. However, there are cases when all the flirting attempts are doomed to a failure because a man has no desire to start any kind of a relationship. What are the signs of male displeasure and how to decode them?

Top 5 Amazing Parks of London for a Romantic Date with an Escort of ParkLaneGirls

Dating can be perfect in London parks! The idea of dating in parks dates back to times of kings and queens, princes and princesses. Parks breathe with love affairs, love confessions, romantic plots of a remote past and love joys of the present. A park remains one of the most popular and romantic spots for dating. London makes all its residents and guests fortunate offering them a wide choice of places for wild-eyed dates.

New Year 2014: How to Attract Success to Your Life

New Year is always associated with a fresh start: some of us start a new life , others take up a new hobby, some change a job, get married, give birth to children. New Year is in this way or another is the beginning of a lot of things in our life. Most British people believe that New Year celebration may influence their life in the coming year that is why they tried to do everything to attract luck to their lives. Letss see what the year of a blue wooden horse has prepared for us.

Tackling Offensive Requests from Clients

Rendering escorts' services to clients is not an easy task for escort models. What makes it often complicated is the clients' requests that can be inappropriate and can offense a girl. Escorts should be prepared to all sorts of difficulties connected with their profession. It is better to think of the ways to respond to difficult requests beforehand - forewarned is forearmed - runs the proverb.

Secure Advertising for Escorts

Escorts who work independent are always in need of advertising their services to public. There are some rules that a girl should follow to avoid the pitfalls of placing her profile online. It concerns not only the directory she chooses but also the information that she provides about herself and her services. There are certain parts of life that mustn't be included in the escort's profile.

Escorts' First-Hand Tips: Producing the First Impression on Clients

The first impression that we produce on people helps them create a general opinion of us. It is not necessary to say again how important it is to use our charm and the best traits when we see people for the first time. Escorts' profession is the sphere the first impression has a great impression. Most girls are experts in impressing clients and there are no one who knows it better.

Sensuality: Are There Any Reasonable Limits?

Sensuality is something that we cannot stop enjoying. It is different for different people, some of us feel sensually driven when touched by a beloved person, others are mad about visiting new places and have intimacy at each of them, still lots of men and women become sensually turned on when driving in a car. Sensuality has lots of sides...

Things That Betray Escorts When They Want to Keep the Profession in Secret

Escorts' job is the kind of activity that not all will approve. Girls working as escorts more often than not try to conceal the means of earning their living. Most of them admit that it helps them to keep the balance between the work and the family not subduing either of them to problems. However, escort girls fail to keep their little secret and give it away to the close friends and relatives. What are the main mistakes that escorts make on the way to revealing their profession?

Working as an Escort: Assets and Pitfalls of Business

Working as an escort a girl faces both positive and negative sides of this profession. The decision to become part of escort's business a girl should think over all the pros and cons of this job before she makes her final decision. It means that a female has to accept all the disadvantages of escort's work, if she does not do it, she won't be a success.

I Choose to Become an Escort

There a lot of girls that wish to become escorts, the first reason to come with such a desire is to earn some extra money. However, not all the girl understand that being an escort is not a distraction but work and in order to earn this extra money an escort should try hard not only rendering her services but also advertising her services to public, which can be of some a difficulty as not all the people approve of this profession.

VIP Escorts at Expensive Hotels

There a lot of possibilities in London where one can send a quality time. ParkLaneGirls offers a full package of the most memorable time in London: Vip model girls are ready to share this romantic rendezvous at one of the best hotels of London.

Communication with Clients: Allowed & Forbidden Topics

There are a lot of escorts at ParkLaneGirls agency who provide companionship services free of intimacy. Very often clients of the agency need an escort to spend time at a dinner or a party. That is why communication skills of girls are very important. We have made up a list of quick communication tips for escorts who work with their clients at social gathering and private meeting.

Peculiarities of Escorts' Services in Different Countries

Escorts services are rendered worldwide, they can be found in any country of Europe and America. The services rendered in various countries have their peculiarities - differences and similarities. We have run through the list of escorts' services in the most popular escort countries - UK, the Czech Republic and France. Continue reading the article to learn about them.

How to Path your Way in UK Escorts' Business?

Nowadays there are a lot of opportunities to make one's living in the UK. Informational technologies have created a lot of additional vacancies which require just your time to earn money. However, there are a number of professions that have been making their way through centuries and are still up-to-date. One of them is escorting. It has suffered different changes but the essence of it remains the same.

Escorts vs. Streetwalkers

There are a lot of arguments about whether the street business and escorts' services are the same or not. A Lot of people identify these two notions as equal. However escorts' agencies challenge that their services are much more than just the street entertainment. Who has the point in this battle?

A Life Story of an Escort

ParkLaneGirls presents a story of the girl called Angie. She shared her experience of becoming an escort. Escorting is the profession which is consciously chosen by women. Sometimes these decisions are made quickly and easily, without many choices to make but sometimes they are well thought of and weighted. Angie's decision was not the quick one, she has come to it through a number of situations.

What Stands for GFE?

A large number of escort agencies have caused the appearance of numerous types of escorts' services. The constant rivalry of the agencies made the choice of escorts and their services various indeed. One of the newest trends in the contemporary companionship is the GFE services. ParkLaneGirls agency discloses the secrets and peculiarities of this three-letter service.

UK Models Fighting Against Age

There is no doubt that models are an example to follow for a lot of girls. Their beauty is the subject of admiration and jelousy. However, every girl can be as attractve and charming as model divas - hard work and love for yourself are the guiding principles to follow.

London: the City of Pleasure

Have you ever tried to experience London as the city which offers numerous pleasures of life? Here at ParkLaneGirls agency we are going to guide you around London showing the most secret corners that are accessible only for the chosen ones. Our elite female companions will adorn this journey and make it memorable for you.

Elite Companionship In Depths

What are those features of elite escorting that make it really worth booking it? Some permanent consumers of cheap escorts services are very critical about elite companionship agencies stating that their main purpose is to rob off their clients. However, they have childish proves of their accusations. ParkLaneGirls is ready to share an objective opinion of what true elite companionship services mean for a client.

Exciting Moments of Elite Escorts Services

Booking an elite escort can bring one a lot of special moments that they will cherrish in their memory. Escorts services are great experinece, every man should try it at least once in his life. These wonderful flashes of passionate and professional intimacy blazing in male reminiscences will make a male life brighter.

Beautiful Ladies in Town

It is not difficult to find a model dating partner in London. Nowadays there are so many beautiful women that the only obsticle on the way to an attractive partner can be your good looks or, to be exact, your bad looks. Meeting a model dating partner a man must correspond to the standards of the chosen date.

Spring it on! A Romantic Rendezvous with an Escort

Escorts services are rendered by call girls, which is their job. The services include different types of courtship from businesslike companionship to private evenings. Romanticism is not much of what can be called a job. However, a client can arrange a romantic meeting with an escort. Here are some ideas of how to set a romantic mood for a rendezvous with an escort.

What Is Important To Know Before Becoming An Escort

Escorts profession always causes reprimands and reproaches of people who consider themselves 'right'. That is why a lot of of myths and rumours about escorts and the services they provide are born. ParkLaneGirls urges to dispel all the injustice and gossip of being an escort.

Escorts' Intimacy Notes

Making love... What can be more desired and expected than to have intimacy with your partner? ParkLaneGirls challenged its most professional and experienced model lovers to share with the readers their knowledge of making love. Get ready to take intimate notes!

Cuddling Decrease In British Couples

'I love hugging. I wish I was an octopus, so I could hug ten people at a time', Drew Barrymore. It seems that the British are not as enthusiastic about hugging as Drew Barrymore. The statistics revealed in the poll of 2012 runs that a large percent of Britons have a back to back relationship at night. Find out more atounding figures in the article.

Things Men Love to Hear Most

What are the nicest things that men would love to hear? Men are sometimes difficult to understand though they are not so complicated creatures as women. And there are various ways to find the right approach to your beloved. Parklanegirls escorts are experienced in communicating with men they know how to deal even with the most demanding gentlemen.

Taste Halloween Cocktails with Escorts

Ready to celebrate Halloween? This holiday attracts by its mystery and unexpected surprises, it terrifies with scary jokes and witchy characters. But what makes it still pleasant? We at ParkLaneGirls have guessed this secret and are ready to uncover it to you. Halloween cocktails are something that tempts British men to arrange cocktail dates with elite escorts.

Spending Time with Elite Escorts...

Learn about some interesting ideas for a date with an elite escort. Spending time in a company of a splendid model girl can bring much pleasure to any man. ParkLaneGirls escorts are the most charming companions for any sort of activity, they will be perfect partners for all life events.

Food For Thought, Food For Sexy Escorts

Perfect looks are not just the clothes we were, it is the food we eat. Elite model escorts are the ones that gain their beauty due to a lot of efforts and eating the right food is the one which is a priority. Elite ladies are ready to share some information about what products make them feel and look better.

Elite Dating Ideas

Have you ever tried elite dating ideas? Elite escorts of London are ready to share their hot ideas of dating. These little tips will be very helpful not only for those who start a relationship but also for the ones who have a relationship for quite a time. Think of something new to surprise your partner and be sure your private life will become a lot happier.

Valentine Date With Elite Escorts of London

Everybody has the power to make Valentine's Day as memorable as possible. There are a lot of things which depend on both the partners. However if a man decides to take the preparations for Valentine's Day in his hands, the success of the event will depend on him. The article represents some key points which will help any man to prepare for a valentine date with an elite London escort.

Master Class From Elite Escorts

Men are the kings for women. This is a true statement for wise females. What can a woman do to win a male interest? There are a lot of tricks that women of all times have been resorting to. Elite London escorts are ready share some lessons with all females to make men closer to them. This master class will be really helpful for all those who seek happiness by men's side.

Elite London Escorts Choose A Car

Choosing is always not an easy task. When you choose a car, you choose your life because sometimes our lives depend on the car we drive. Besides the safety issues, our cars are the signs of our character and status. Nowadays women drive cars not less than men. British researchers have presented a list of the best cars for London escorts to choose. This list can content all types of London females.

Travelling On Xmas With Escorts

Xmas time is the best time of the year when you will feel all the most wonderful emotions and feelings. Xmas travelling is the best way to celebrate this season. Xmas with escorts is a wonderful opportunity to make all your Christmas wishes come true. ParkLaneGirls lists a collection of international escorts who will follow you on dream Xmas holidays this year.

Best Christmas Vocations With Escorts

Christmas is a magic time for any person, little or grown-up. It is also the time when most wishes come true and you feel what it means to be happy. If you want to have the best Christmas vocations this year, you should necessarily consider the possible ways of celebrating Christmas. ParkLaneGirls gives you a wonderful opportunity to make all your dreams come true in a company of a charming escort.

Escorts Ideas: How To Warm Up Your Life This Winter

Winter has finally settled in most countries of the world. And it is high time to think about the ways to keep ourselves warm. Escorts present their ideas about how to make this snowy and chilly season hot for you and your partners. If you follow their advice, you will never feel cold this winter.

Making Impressions: As Fabulous As Escorts

First impressions... Most people believe in the first impressions. They rely on their third feeling about the people they meet. So it is a good idea to take care of the first impression we produce on people. If you want to be as fabulous as escorts and have the same luck in relationships with men as them, you should follow some simple techniques. Making favourable impressions is not difficult provided your sincere in them.

Model Escort Business Today

Our world is changing almost every day. This change brings in new professions, services and standards in life. Model escort business is one of the novelties that appeared in the world of entertainment and business. Model escorts have become an indispensible part of any business meeting, social occasion, or a private encounter. So what's it like to be a model companion and what kind of model business is it?

A Secret of Escorts' Hair Colour

British psychologists and astrologists claim that there is a straight connection between a hair colour of an escort and her character traits. They represent some results of their research work in this sphere. All the tints that female hair can have are actually of a great importance because they stand for a special energy coming from different planets. And this energy has an impact on female character traits.

Luscious Park Lane Escorts

ParkLaneGirls have a lot of appealing escorts who win male hearts and minds and never let them rest peacefully after meeting with them. What is the secret of their allure? It's hardly possible to give the answer. Maybe only the most perspicacious males who spent time with them can give their reasons for such an overwhelming male appraisal.

Spicing a Life

Sometimes our life is not so vivid, lacking hot emotions, inspirations. The everyday routine and stresses of modern day life take their strains on the majority of us, and sometimes, all we need is a little originality, a little spontaneity. The best way to make our life more thrilling, exciting is to spice it with some hot moments.

Escorts at Festival de Cannes

All the mass media are full of the latest news of the cinema festival that takes place in Cannes, France. Gossip stories, feature articles, cover photos reveal all the posh and luxury of the running Festival de Cannes. The festival was officially open on the 11 of May and attracted the attention of all the people involved in film making and film watching. A lot of beautiful and extravagant women from all over the world decorate the festival and smooth the tension of the competition. Model escorts are the females that are by right considered to be absolutely fantastic companions for prosperous males are among the most exquisite guests of the Festival de Cannes.

Reasons For Choosing Professional Escorts

Every woman dreams to attract all the male eyes she can see around. Dreams come true - that is what we all should know. But how to help them become a reality and become the centre of a male attention? Dreams are not enough; women should take decisive and practical steps to make it an enjoyable reality.

Exclusive Escort Services

VIP companionship services of London are a widespread thing in a contemporary society. Elite models escorts are a perfect way for businessmen to have all the advantages from serious business talking and high-level meetings. London elite escort services are rendered by professional VIP models who are not just attractive and charming, they all have higher education and speak several foreign languages. Learn more about elite companionship services of London and have the right understanding of their work.

Escorts' School

Escorts' school has a lot of secrets and mysteries. The lessons that women can take from escort geishas are really precious and unsurpassed. The article presents the story on the importance of fragrance in the course of love games and all kinds of romantic intimacies. Escorts are ready to share some of the secrets of their school with all women. All the examples provided by high class companions have been practiced and checked numerous times.

St. Valentine's Day With Escorts

St. Valentine's Day is just a fantastic occasion to fill your time with tender feelings and pleasant emotions. If you still do not know how to spend this magnificent holiday or you have not yet found your better half in love, it is not the reason for despair. Valentine escorts of London are willing to fill this niche in your life and give the best they can on this day.

Escort's Work

Nowadays the development of escorts' industry is really high. There are numerous escorting agencies offering escorts services. And this is considered to be legal in many countries. However, there are still people who strongly disapprove of escorts' work. The article presents the information about companionship services as they are and tends to shatter the myth about this profession.

Feminine Escorts

Women are fragile and beautiful creatures by nature. Our contemporary world has its own rules which it imposes on people and sometimes it is very difficult to resist all the stereotypes and characteristics it offers. And for girls it is even more difficult to be feminine but they should not forget about this quality as it apart from physical characteristics differs them from men.

New Year With Escorts

Have you made up your mind where to celebrate the coming holidays? Well, here are some ideas of New Year spots with a good atmosphere and pleasant unforgettable emotions. The list of countries is selected taking in account all the possible needs, desires and possibilities of different people.

Escorts Lingeria Choice

Elite escorts have only the best things and render the best service. This perfection exists in everything they do and even wear. Lingerie takes a special place among all the other types of clothes. Elite escorts buy only elite underwear and have some guiding principles of when selecting it. The article presents the brightest ideas of female lingerie choice.

London Escorts Make-up Tips

London escorts have always charmed men with their beauty. But what is their secret? Actually the answer is very simple and a woman should not be a genius to guess it. Nowadays there are different types of cosmetics that help any female look really perfect and forget about the age. The only thing is that she should know some peculiarities of using these cosmetics. British escorts being aware of the latest trends are willing to bare some secrets.

Handling Men

Handling men is a difficult task. And not all women are capable to complete it successfully. British psychologists have worked out fundamental rules that will help any female manage her partner and keep their relationships going for a long time. Escorts have already applied the rules in practice and proved them really effective.

English Escort Style

English style of clothes has always been popular with modern escorts. British escorts are considered to be true lovers of this style. Elegance, simplicity, practicality are adherent for the style. It does not have vivid features of sexuality but it can be used as a modest way of attracting male attention. If a British escort wants to look really chic, she chooses English style.

Escorts In Black

Women must wear dresses - it is their calling. Dresses are able to work wonders with females. They add beauty, femininity, elegance. A little black dress plays a special role among various types of female clothes. They say that any escort should have this dress in her wardrobe. What are the reasons for such a respect and importance?

Escorts Diversity

Men are difficult for female understanding as well as women - for men. That is the most wonderful nature windfall. Extremes usually meet - it is also one of mysterious laws of nature. So males and females are in constant search of the partners they dream. What kind of escorts is attractive for men? How to understand their taste and to correspond to it? These questions are answered by men and British psychologists.

Enigmatic Escorts

A real escort is a sphinx to all men, a certain puzzle they always want to solve. Though it is not easy to remain enigmatic and attractive to a partner when there is a long period of continuous relationship. That is why females set off on a 'find a mystery' journey trying to develop certain personal traits that will help them to reach their destination later on.

Escorts Favours

Every woman is different and naturally female characters differ too. British scientists have proved that there are common female stereotypes which are reflected in a women's behavior. These stereotypes influence escorts' attitude to men. The scientist single out strong-willed women, drama females, tender girls, usual escorts, etc. A male can easily detect the type of a girl at first several minutes of their communication.

Escorts Domination

Domination in relationships can cause problems in male-female relationships. Nowadays women are the ones who hog the blanket. It explains the fact that most females are unhappy, worn out and dissatisfied with the relations. It is high time to change the situation until it is too late to do it. So there are some main points in the article to reflect on and take confident actions on the way to harmony and happiness.

How to Find Your Style

To look stylish means to be in harmony with your appearance feelings and emotions. There are different female actresses and singers who can be considered as standards of beauty - they managed to create their own unique style and know a lot of females look up to them. Though, of course, it is not a good idea to imitate somebody else's style. Escorts, for example, resort to the whole complex of components - hobby, mood, life preferences, figure, etc.

Model Escorts

It seems that any teenage girl dreamt to become a model but not all the girls realize their dreams. And there are some reasons for it - not suitable appearance, traits of character or enough desire. The profession of a model escort is really hard and requires a lot of self-sacrifice and persistence. So if you have it, read the article and rush to a casting.

Fashionable Footwear from Escorts

All women like high-heeled shoes, especially escorts. But unfortunately not all of them know the troubles and consequences of wearing them. To be armed at all points of all these things is necessary today because high-heeled shoes have reached their height of fame. And there is nobody who could advise on it better than escorts.

Female Body Language

When we get acquainted with the representatives of the opposite sex it is important to have a beautiful speech and choose the words correctly in order not to scare them away. So our language is very important. However, it is possible to attract a male attention without any words at all using body language. It is a mastery that escorts have been using for a long time. Certain effective methods have been developed by them. If a female learns them, she will achieve her any aim in winning a male heart.

Escort Ruses

There are different ways of how females get what they want. For example, manipulation, whims or constant requests... But a wise escort uses her ruses that are definitely a pledge of her success. However ruses can have a destructive effect on relationship that is why females should be careful to use them in practice.

Jewellery for Escorts

All the sparkling things that we see in shop windows attract our attention and make us come to a standstill and enjoy their beauty. Jewellery has always had a magical and extraordinary power. All the women especially escorts use jewellery for different purposes. It depends on the meaning they add to them. Precious pleasantries serve them as symbols of seduction, mascots, signs of power, etc. And regardless of this meaning, escorts will always be true connoisseurs of gems.

Luxurious Companions

Do ideal people exist? No doubt they do but everybody has their own perception of this perfection. There is a big question about how to find it. And again men are in a privilege. British researcher has singled out the main signals that any man should be able to identify when he looks at a female escort.

Silent Language Of Female Escorts

When we make decisions or take this or that step in life, we are guided by our consciousness and unconsciousness. As female escorts are really cute they have managed to trace some of gestures coming from unconscious behavior and turn them into a whole science called "silent language." UK psychologists have researched this phenomenon and singled out the types of females and the signals characteristic of them.

Secret Desires of Female Escorts

UK psychologists are deeply sure that it is possible to divide all female love desires into certain categories. They proved that these desires influence their behavior and attitude to men. According to this fact London psychology researchers assign four categories characteristic of a true type of women - female escorts.

Escorts In Weal

All people perceive happiness in their own way. Everybody has their own ideas of happiness. But what is happiness for escorts? The survey carried out in London proved that female happiness depends on men in most cases.

Fantastic Females | 1st Part

Female escorts have always been under rapt attention of men. A lot of attempts have been made in order to explain their behavior, the reason for their beauty.

Inexplicable Courtesans | 2nd Part

Some UK researchers came to the conclusion that four general types of escorts would be enough. They have singled out strong, romantic, charming and independent women with their specific characteristics. But still female phenomenon remains undisclosed to the end.

Truth About Escorts

Strong feelings are not fashionable nowadays and two dimensional world represented be TV screen or a sheet of paper will require the same plain characters. So the image of a female escort has been associated with a sex-symbol. The modern way of life turns fabulous ladies into banal prostitutes rather than into mysterious escorts who have a great talent to attract outstanding sorts.

Trust Or Understanding

Male-female relationships are in constant development in course of which some components fade and others take the first place. A lot of people ask themselves a question: is love the main thing that supports our relationships? It turns out that it not so and we must think of some other helpful elements nourishing these sacred bonds.


Long time ago Aristotle said that the main aim of all human beings should be happiness. There are two ways to achieve happiness. First one to find out time periods when you are experiencing the greatest happiness and extend these periods as possible; secondly, find out time you are least happy and abbreviate them as possible. And finally, remember that the best way to become happier - it is to stop being unhappy.

How To Get A Girl In A Club?

When you are trying to find a girl in a club first you should be sober and know what you are doing. The most important - be honest with yourself. Remember, that your unconventional and powerful nature is too big for this close room. Choose some simple words for starting talking with a girl. Decide what mask is yours for this night.

Start Living In Marriage

When people got married lots of problems can arise: age gap is one of such issues. It is even more important for a woman then for a man as she might get into a panic about her age and ruin a perfect marriage because of it...

Marriage Rules

A new look on marriage problem reveals that a man - is a robot and his brain is controlled by a limited number of programs. Man is created to perform certain functions - to be a husband, father, driver of the vehicle, earner...

Relationship stages

There are several stages in each relationship development. When doing through from one to another you might need several tips to win each stage and to improve relations: to understand where some problems are solved at any stage and not try to skip steps without solving problems; to find unsolved problems and solve them...

To Understand A Woman

Everyone knows the term "female logic" but it is clear that logic can not be female or male. Logic is logic but speaking about women's logic men imply an understandable position from a rational behavior of women the unpredictability of female behavior...

7 Men' Biggest Mistakes!

Below are the top 7 reasons why men fail with women they used to date with.

Pros and Cons Of Satisfaction

Sexual relationships bring hot emotions to everyday life, stimulates us to new feats. It's a great opportunity to beautify your way of life. Psychologists already concluded that be you a man or a blonde or brunette woman, having regular and enthusiastic sex confers a host of plenty physiological advantages. There are some important reasons one will want to have sex regularly.